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Meaning Of Life

Good morning, and thanks for stopping by.

Welcome one and welcome all to my meaning of life portfolio, where I have taken the liberty of producing various types of communicative media for you to emphasize my take on what life means. I sat down one day, and with much deep, contemplative thought and copious amounts of extra-dark roast black coffee, I finally came to a conclusion on what I believe that was to me. This conclusion was so amazing... so astounding... so revolutionary, that I just had to share it with the world. Via written words and spoken audio, you can find, in its entirety, my opinion on life, living it, and how my own experiences factor in to my reasoning.

Okay, okay, it's a school assignment. I'm just kidding. Here's what I got.

My Statement Of Purpose

Do you want to read a bold statement of my purpose in life?
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Persuasive Public Communication

To hear three podcasts in which I publically and persuasively perceive the presence of the procedures composing a little thing called "Instant Gratification..."
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Goal Setting And Strategic Planning

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